CLRC News for 2006-2007

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April 30, 2007:

La Familia de UC Davis, “Embracing Queer Latinidad:Celebrando Nuestra Joteria,”

The CLRC cosponsored this event as part of La Raza Cultural Days. Dr. Darshan Campos from UC Santa Cruz and Mónica Enriquez, graduate student in the Art Department at UC Santa Cruz screened Veronica Majano’s “Calle Chula,” Trina Espinosa’s “Serve Thy Master,” films on women of color and sexuality. Monica Enriquez also screened her own film about the experiences of undocumented queer Mexicanas. This event was well attended with much discussion about the films.

April 28, 2007:

Danzantes del Alma,

The CLRC cosponsored “Celebrando Tradición: Ayer, Ahora y Para Siempre,” and their continued efforts to celebrate Mexican culture and promote higher education. A reception was also held to honor and thank 30 years of Danzantes alumni.

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April 3, 2007:

Guest Lecture, Dr. Licia Fiol-Matta, Latin American and Puerto Rican Studies, Lehman College, City University of New York,

The CLRC sponsored “The Politics of Voice: Gendered Figurations of Puerto Rican Music,” a talk that focused on Latin American cultural icons and how they used their specific gendered status to carve out a "voice" both in song, discourse, and performance. While their "voices" were at once challenging heteronormative structures/roles for women, this “voice” also made them targets of a backlash. Specifically, female icons were constituted as chismosas, queer, hypersexualized. Professor Fiol-Matta also met with several graduate students from Cultural Studies, the Spanish Department, staff from HIA, and our 2006-2007 CLRC Dissertation Fellow, Lulu Alberto, for a more informal conversation.

March 5-10, 2007:

Motley Movie Medley,

The CLRC co-sponsored the First Annual Motley Movie Medley. This event was a one-week film festival created to celebrate the diverse cultures and achievements of the mixed community. The event featured six films. For one of the films, Frida, CLRC Graduate Student Researcher Sandy Gómez (Cultural Studies) and graduate student Silvia Soto (Native American Studies), facilitated discussion among students and community members.

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February 8, 2007:

Guest Lecture, Dr. Irene Lara and Dr. Elisa Facio,

The CLRC sponsored “Spiritual Conocimientos, Panocha Platicas: Healers Decolonizing Sexuality” and “Spirit Journeys: ‘Home’ as a Site and Space for Healing.” Both talks addressed the importance of (re)thinking conceptualizations of the body and healing. In particular, Dr. Elisa Facio’s talk encouraged us to question our readiness to adopt western notions of healing treatments, and consider alternative healing practices.

January 23, 2007:

Guest Lecture, Dr. Soledad Falabella,

The CLRC cosponsored “New Technologies and the Crisis of Education and Culture: Teaching Academic Writing and Coordinating Collaborative Writing Projects in South America (ese:o),” which discussed the role of technology in the lives of women in South America, and the collaborative possibilities among Spanish-speaking women to improve social conditions in their communities.

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December 5, 2006:

Guest Lecture, Dr. Jennifer Bickham Méndez,

The CLRC co-sponsored “A Welcome Mat at a Closed Door: Latino/a Newcomers in Williamsburg, VA,” which brought attention to the role of Latina/o newcomers in Virginia, a state not usually thought to be representative of Latina/os. The discussion raised important questions about how current populations and institutions at Williamsburg, VA will respond to these incoming communities.

December 5, 2006:

Fall Reception, Chicana/Latina Research Center,

The CLRC held its Fall Reception, which acknowledged the achievements of Chicanas/Latinas and Indigenous women on this campus. As part of this reception, we also held a successful book presentation and signing of CLRC Steering Committee Member, Rafaela Castro’s new book, Provocaciones: Letters from the Prettiest Girl in Arwin, and introduced representatives of the newly formed UC Davis MALCS Campus Chapter. Our reception was well attended by graduate and undergraduate students, faculty and staff from Shields Library, and our new Dean, Jessie Ann Owens.

November 17, 2006:

Guest Lecture, Lois Allen Frank, ABD,

The CLRC co-sponsored “Corn: The Many Layers of Meaning to Native American people of the Southwest” as part of the UC Davis Campus Community Book Project.

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October 26, 2006:

Labor and Labor Organizing: Maquilapolis (City of Factories),

The CLRC co-sponsored this film screening and discussion about the lives of Tijuana workers in the assembly factories. The discussion highlighted the impact of globalization on the U.S and Mexico border.

October 19, 2006:

Guest Lecture, Dr. Marcia Ochoa,

The CLRC co-sponsored “Queen for a Day: Transformistas, Misses, and Mass Media in Venezuela” which discussed feminist accomplishments among Venezuelan transgender women and Miss Valenzuelan beauty projects. This talk bridged fields of media studies and gender performance to discuss embodiment discourses of marginalized subjects.

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October 12, 2006:

Guest Lecture, Dr. Gerardo Aldana,

The CLRC co-sponsored “Creation Mythology and Oracular Science: Maya Hieroglypic Windows into Indigenous Thought,” which encouraged a (re)examination of the sciences through a non-western methodological approach by looking at indigenous practices