CLRC History

In the spring of 1987, California State Senate Concurrent Resolution #43 (SCR #43) called upon the University of California to report and document the resources allocated to research on policy issues pertaining to Chicanos and Latinos. In response, the UC Office of the President created a systemwide SCR #43 Task Force, which in April 1989, issued a report titled/ The Challenge: Latinos In A Changing California/, recommending an increase in University of California research resources focused on the Latino population, and the establishment of research centers on each UC campus devoted to Chicano/a and Latina/o issues. Subsequently, in October 1990, the Chicana/Latina Research Project (CLRP) was formally established at UC Davis, and in March 1991 it began to receive funding from the systemwide UC Office of the President. In August 1993 the CLRP formally changed its name to the Chicana/Latina Research Center (C/LRC). The C/LRC, along with the other Chicano/Latino Research Centers on the other UC campuses, now form a UC systemwide Multi-Campus Research Unit (MRU). These centers continue to receive major funding from the UC Office of the President, along with the support each one receives from their home campus.

The Chicana/Latina Resesarch Center  recognizes the invaluable contribution by Dr. Adaljiza Sosa-Riddell to the establishment and development of the CLRC.  Dr. Sosa-Riddell, senior lecturer emerita of Chicana/o Studies, is a distinguished Chicana political scientist who has been recognized for her work by many entities, including  the National Association of Chicana/Chicano Studies, the American Political Science Association, and MALCS (Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social).  She is one of the founders of MALCS, and while she  served as the Director of the CRLC for the first ten years of its existence,  she was a major bridge between the CLRC and MALCS. The CLRC acknowledges her tireless efforts to organize Chicana and Latina scholars by bringing the MALCS annual Summer Institutes to the Davis campus several times.  During her time as Director, in addition to her administrative responsibilities, Professor Sosa-Riddell also  mentored countless undergraduates and  graduate students.  Scholar, poet, organizer, mentor, teacher, leader, Adaljiza Sosa-Riddell.