Graphics on CLRC website

Birthing Image

The image we have chosen to represent the Chicana/Latina Research Center is an ancient Mesoamerican image from Teotihuacan. The image is of the Great Mother birthing Coyote. The Great Mother is the Female Principle of the universe, present in all of life. From the perspective of the CLRC, the act of birthing has to do not only with the physical act of giving birth, but also with personal creativity and the creative spirit of the universe. Coyote is the Trickster par excellence, and as such she/he is fitting to represent the radical, transforming, subversive, cutting edge work that is being done by Chicana, Latina, and indigenous women scholars. The divine hands of the Female Principle are also shown, and for us, they represent everything we do, writing, living, loving, being.


This logo was designed by Ebers Garcia (who also designed our website). The logo is made up of four of the volutes that represent speech in the ancient Nahuatl tradition. The four volutes recognize the four directions and the center. They are in movement, inwards and outwards, representing reflection, consciousness, centering, focus.