The primary goals of the Chicana/Latina Res earch Center are:

  • To maintain a UC Davis-based research center that fosters and supports scholarship on Chicana/Latina issues, including the development of theory, methodology, and pedagogy pertinent to Chicanas and Latinas in contemporary society;
  • To develop and sustain an effective research agenda for Chicanas/Latinas that will have policy implications for Chicanas/Latinas and benefit the Chicana/Chicano, Latina/Latino community, the State of California and the United States;
  • To administer and coordinate research funds received from the University of California System, the UC Davis campus, and extra-mural sources;
  • To support the research projects of UC Davis faculty, graduate students, undergraduates and staff working on scholarship pertaining to Chicanas and Latinas (including indigenous women);
  • To support the development and preparation of future generations of Chicana/Latina scholars by hosting seminars, colloquia, informational/cultural programs, and workshops for the benefit of Chicana/Latina faculty, graduate students, undergraduates and staff, and for the benefit of the larger campus community as well;
  • To support the development of future generations of Chicana/Latina scholars by offering an annual Dissertation Fellowship awarded through a process of national competition:
  • To establish and maintain a website for the Center that not only links the CLRC to other UC campus-based Chicano/Latino research centers, but also contributes to the development of strong regional and national networks of scholars, activists, artists, and public intellectuals working on issues critical to Chicanas, Latinas, and indigenous women.