2009 Annual Call for Research Grant Proposals
For Faculty, Academic Staff and Graduate Students

The UC Davis Chicana/Latina Research Center (C/LRC) fosters the development of Chicana/Latina scholars and scholarship on Chicana/Latina topics. The C/LRC is accepting proposals from UCD faculty, academic staff, graduate students and undergraduates to support ongoing research related to Chicanas/Latinas in the United States. We will also consider comparative studies of Chicanas/Latinas and indigenous women in the United States, including "Latina" indigenous immigrant communities. Research with a focus on transnational issues within the Americas will also be considered.

The proposals should be for research-related expenses such as travel (to archives, or for oral interviews and other fieldwork), student research assistance, telephone (e.g., phone interviews), transcription costs, duplication costs.

The maximum award for a grant is $2,000. Funds must be utilized by June 30, 2010. Any unused funds must be returned to the C/LRC. A narrative report and budget confirmation of funds spent are due immediately upon project completion.



1. Submit a 3-page proposal narrative that includes the following:

  1. project description and research objectives
  2. significance of work
  3. previous work on project
  4. anticipated results
  5. other sources of funding received or requested for this project
  6. a detailed budget (on a separate page)

Electronic submissions will not be accepted.

2. Send proposals to:

Professor Lorena Oropeza
Acting Director
Chicana/Latina Research Center
Social Sciences and Humanities Building #2223

For information, phone: 754-5774, or 752-8882.
E-mail: clrc@ucdavis.edu

3. Proposals are evaluated by members of the C/LRC Steering Committee and invited reviewers. Awards will be announced within three weeks of the submission deadline.