Chicana/Latina History

In the Spring of 2003, Lorena Oropeza and Miroslava Chavez-Garcia launched a Chicana/Latina History Research Cluster within the Chicana/Latina Research Center. The main purpose of the cluster is to provide an intellectual space for the exchange of current historical research methods and techniques, for the development of young historians eager to explore themes and topics in Chicana/Latina history, and, most important, for the production of original scholarly work that will contribute to and expand this new and exciting field.

Toward this end, the cluster has initiated a graduate student/faculty reading group and an invited guest speaker series. The first speaker was Enriqueta Vasquez, a long-time activist and writer, who presented in May 2003. In October 2003, Vicki Ruiz, one of the country’s leading Chicana historians, will speak on the Westminster desegregation case.

In sum, this research cluster is dedicated toward bringing together people who recognize the significance of recovering, interpreting, and writing Chicana and Latina history.

In an effort to foster collaborative and interdisciplinary research and discussion among faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, the Chicana/Latina Research Center (CLRC) has initiated a Research Clusters component and is currently calling for proposals for the formation of groups that address research topics related to Chicanas, Latinas, and indigenous women in the United States. The Research Clusters will receive

small grants starting at $1,500 to help organize seminars, conferences, speaker series, or other similar events. Proposals for Research Clusters

will be accepted from individuals or groups of individuals at any time.

Please contact the CLRC for more information.

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