Working Group List of Participants

Gabriela Arredondo, Latin American and Latino Studies, UCSC

Research: Race and Gender among Mexicans in the United States in the early 20 th century, especially inter-racial contacts, oral history.

Natalia Deeb-Sossa, Sociology, UCD

Research: women's reproductive rights; Mexican women's access to health via formal (institutional) and informal (cultural) avenues; study of curanderas, parteras, yerberas, sources of healthcare for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), family planning, and abortion; health care issues with Mexican migrant agricultural workers.

Yvette Flores, Chicana/o Studies, UCD

Research: bridging clinical psychology and Chicano/Latino studies, foregrounding gender, ethnicity and sexualities in clinical, teaching and research practices.

Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Chicana/o Studies, UCLA

Research: Chicano/a Art; Popular Culture; Border Studies; Gender & Sexuality; Creative Writing; The Juárez Femicides.

Inés Hernández-Avila, Native American Studies, UCD

Research: Native American women's literature (particularly poetry and performance), contemporary indigenous literature of Mexico, Native American/Chicana spiritualities, Native American/Chicana feminisms.

María Herrera-Sobek, Chicana and Chicano Studies, UCSB

Research: Film Documentaries; Nationalist and Ethnic Construction Theories; Theories on Aesthetic Activism.

Aida Hurtado, Chicana/o Studies, UCSB

Research: the effects of subordination on social identity, the part of the self that is related to significant group memberships, how group memberships (e.g., ethnicity, race, class, and gender) that are derogated in this society are used to legitimate unequal distribution of power between groups. Social identity, feminist theory, social psychology of education, survey methodology.

Lorena Oropeza, History, UC Davis

Research: the 1960s and Social Protest particularly the Chicano Movement, Chicano/a History; Oral History, History of American Foreign Relations.

Gloria Rodriguez, Education, UC Davis

Research; Education Policy and Governance; Educational equity; Educational Leadership; Language minority status issues in schooling; Latina/o educational issues; Minority/Underrepresented Students; School finance; School, curriculum and community change; Socioeconomic status issues in schooling.

Horacio Roque-Ramirez, Chicana/o Studies, UCSB

Research: Queer Latina/o community histories; Oral history theories and methods; Community archival practices; Central American Studies

Chela Sandoval, Chicana/o Studies, UCSB

Research: Xican Latina-o Indigenous Performance; Social Movement; Third space feminism; Critical media theory; and questions of Spirituality, the Art of Love, and History of Consciousness.

Inés Talamantez, Religious Studies, UCSB

Research: Native American Religious Traditions and Philosophies; Religions of Mexico and Chicano Religion; Women in Religion; Religion and Ecology; Religion and Healing in Native America.

Pat Zavella, Latin American and Latino Studies, UCSC

Research: Chicana/o-Latina/o studies, women's work and domestic labor, poverty, family, sexuality and social networks, feminist studies, ethnographic research methods, and transnational migration of Mexicana/o workers and U.S. capital.